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The start

In an age thatís becoming more and more web orientated, testing is essential particularly performance testing. Performance defects are typically the hardest to resolve, especially when found in a production environment. Performance testing can be time consuming and costly, which is why performing the right tests at the right time is crucial.

At Equiem we believe that our knowledge should be shared and not guarded, which is why we will give you an initial consultation without charge. This gives you the chance to learn how to approach performance testing and also gives us an insight into what you may require in terms of our services.

Before you spend a penny of your IT budget on testing, arrange a meeting with Equiem. You may find your budget will go further than you expect.

The short term

We have a wealth of skills and experience at Equiem. Take a look at the directorís page on our web site to see where where they have gained their expertise. Trust Equiem to put their consultants' expertise to use IT projects to fulfil your needs professionally and speedily.

We can supply expert resources to your projects when you need them, for as long as you need them. Have more control over resource levels through the year instead of having a constant resource thatís either flat out or idle.

The long term

We understand that in the long term it may be more cost effective for you to hire a permanent performance tester or team. Equiem can help with this in a number of ways:

  • Documentation: everything we do is documented to the Equiem standards (or the clients if so desired). Including process flows, data sources, scenarios, coding standards, best practices, plans and specifications. Making it easy for transfer to your test teams.
  • Training: Equiem consultants can work with internal staff to help them understand the tools at their disposal so they can take on regression and new projects themselves. Our aim is to build a relationship for the long term by the clientís choice, not by force. We hope that in being as open and direct as we can youíll be making use of our services during those inevitable busy periods.
  • Peak Management: Use our service when youíre busy and donít have the resources to cope. Donít have contractors waiting around because you know youíll need them in a couple of months.

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